House 2.0 Foundation

Here are a few foundation prep photos from January 31. Lots of earth moving work and gravel happened during the first week of construction. Seeing the foundation laid out and new section of driveway created was really exciting. Since then, not much has changed as we wait on the Superior Walls concrete foundation to arrive. The delay is not a big problem, I just wish the expectations for delivery had been more accurate to begin with; longer lead times are less disappointing than shorter lead times that get missed.  The delivery date has been moved back by a week twice now, so hopefully the foundation materials really do arrive this week.

This house will have a concrete crawl space foundation, using a Superior Walls precast concrete and steel foundation system. We had considered a basement, which would be somewhat unusual for this area of NC, but the significant price increase was not worth it to us.

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  1. William F. Gamett says:

    Thanks for the up date, Uncle Bill

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