House 2.0 – Foundation and Subfloor

I went out of town for four days, and everything happened on the house project all at once. I am amazed at what was accomplished while I was gone.

After a brief, one-day weather delay caused by enormous amounts of rain, the Superior Walls foundation materials arrived on site on Thursday:

By Friday, they were already working on the sub-floor, which stretched over to Saturday. That crew essentially finished the framing and sub-floor in two days:

The crawlspace has a concrete slab floor, which is nice.

The last set of pics is from Sunday, when no one else was on site. We enjoyed walking around and inspecting the progress, and sitting on our future screened porch and enjoying the view in beautiful 65° weather. The foundation system seems really impressive, and really does go together incredibly fast on site.

Also, our builder had a really neat surprise for us:

2016-02-27_DSC06421The video from the drone:


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One Response to House 2.0 – Foundation and Subfloor

  1. William F. Gamett says:

    ” awesome “, thanks for the up date / pictures. Cool drone view. Uncle Bill

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