House 2.0 – backfill and garage slab

The correct foundation materials for the garage arrived this week (a few pieces were wrong, and had to be re-made – no big deal, and I’m pleased with how the situation was resolved). Today, they back-filled the foundation, and poured the garage slab.

2016-03-01_DSC06463sWhen we were finishing the garage floor of our current house (which we built ourselves), the troweling machine broke. Since concrete doesn’t wait to set up until you can fix your tools, the garage floor ended up being a little rough. We like to think of it as a non-slip surface. I’m looking forward to a garage floor finished to a higher standard:)


More exciting news; we received confirmation yesterday that our much anticipated timber frame is loaded on the truck, and is on our way here:


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One Response to House 2.0 – backfill and garage slab

  1. Katrina Edwards says:

    :) :) :) :) :) !!!!!!!!! I’ve been showing Aiden the updates and he is very excited to see it when it’s done! I’m thinking a road trip for the weekend

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