House 2.0 – Frame Arrival

As promised, our much anticipated timber frame arrived on Wednesday (3/2/2016) this week.



I guess I should probably explain timber framing a bit, which differs from conventional construction. There seems to be lots of confusion from people not familiar with this construction type, most often mistakenly conflating timber frames with log homes. Here’s the deal: a few timber frames are also log homes, but mostly not. Some log homes are also timber frames, but mostly not.  Our home is not a log home. Log homes are clad with logs on the outside. Our home will use SIPS (Structural Insulated PanelS). Even then, not all timber frames use SIPS.

Timber Framing, or post and beam construction, refers to a method of building with heavy timbers instead of dimensional lumber. Its a very old and durable method of construction that used to be the standard for wood framed buildings before dimensional lumber became available (and cheaper). We like this method over conventional construction for many reasons, including looks, and energy efficiency.

Basically, the frame creates the structure of the house and carries the loads, and this structure is visible from the inside of the house (as opposed to conventional construction, where the structure is hidden behind drywall.)

Similar to this:

or this:

For more examples, go to the Timberpeg website (the company who supplied our frame) and check out their photo gallery for photos of completed timber frame homes. Houzz also has many nice photos of various timber frame houses.

2016-03-02_DSC06475s2016-03-02_DSC06476sThe completed slab for our three car garage; the motos go in the front part of this pic:

2016-03-02_DSC06467sThe (slight) downside is that after reaching such a major milestone, we have to wait a bit on scheduling conflicts before we can proceed to the frame raising. So, its going to be a few weeks before anything else happens.



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