House 2.0 – timber frame raising days 2-3

Did I mention how exciting it is to see the timber frame go up? This really is the coolest part.

The first floor was assembled in 2 days by hand, and on day 3, the crane arrived to start placing the second floor:



Our timber frame is made from douglas fir (which apparently isn’t actually a fir), and is supplied by Timberpeg. Several factors go into choosing a timber species, including physical/structural characteristics of the wood, availability, sustainability, appearance, and cost. Douglas fir is very commonly chosen for new timber frame homes; it has many desirable physical characteristics (including high strength, and minimal checking and warping), and is widely available, and thus lower cost.


Also, Duke power FINALLY started running power into the saw pole today. We were told that weather damage has kept their crews busy on existing customers, so new construction has been pushed back. If true, our wait was for obviously good and appropriate reasons, but running the job site off the generator is less than ideal (noisy and a little expensive), so I’m just glad they are getting to us.



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