Wait But Why on Elon Musk’s Companies

This week’s obsession has been with this long format article* on Elon Musk, his companies, and why they matter. If you are at all curious about what the big deal is about Tesla and Space X, or even just abstract consideration of the future of humanity in general, this is a must read. Its fantastic. Don’t let the Musk worship put you off, this is really, really good stuff.

*Long format may be misleading. This series is really a small book. Don’t let that deter you. Bookmark it, and read it in small chunks (or, you know, do what I did and binge read until you look up and realize bedtime was 3 hours ago, not that I recommend that), but make the time to read it. He goes into excruciating detail. Stick with it, its worth it.

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