House 2.0 – garage framing, SIPS, and power!

Lots of exciting progress on house construction this week. They framed the garage, and on Thursday, the garage roof trusses were installed, two semi’s arrived with our pre-cut SIPS, and Duke installed our meter and turned on the power (yay:).

These photos of Cody have been making me laugh out loud:

We brought him along for some errands, and to stop by the house. Other than checking on progress, Kevin wanted to put down some grass seed where the utility had run in the underground power line. Since its not appropriate to let your dog run around an active construction site, we parked away from the house, and left Cody in the back of the truck for a bit while we took a walk. He was not happy about being left behind, and started barking at us. He made these faces at me when we got back, and I can’t stop laughing.

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