House 2.0 – SIPS

With the exterior walls nearly finished, the house is starting to look more like a house. Most of the SIPS were installed and trimmed out this week, including the roof, which was somewhat more labor intensive.

2016-04-13_DSC06934s(Spotted this visitor above during Wednesdays site visit).

We’ve decided SIPS construction is basically building a giant foam cooler, and then compromising that cooler by cutting a bunch of holes in it for windows and doors.

Still, the energy efficiency of this house is going to be excellent. SIPS cost a bit more up front, but the pay back in lower monthly energy usage make the initial expense easily worth it.

2016-04-15_DSC06950sSo far, the entire project is going really well; its progressing along with very few problems or delays. The construction crew has been great. This house is about quality over quantity, and thus far we’re happy with the quality of construction. We’re having a great time watching it all come together.

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