Moto Photos

Its not all work and house build – the weather is getting really nice, and we were able to take a day off to go riding.

20160426_122653I only have these few moto tag cell phone photos, but right now that’s better than nothing.

We’d both really like to take a vacation soon, especially on motorcycles. However, we’ve made a lot of commitments to our existing work contracts and other business obligations, and to supporting the house build, which despite having an excellent GC, is quite time consuming. By our own choices we are not free to take off more than the very occasional day or two, no matter how much we’d like a little relief from taking on so much work. We haven’t taken a proper vacation since 2014. I don’t think anyone is actually going to feel bad for us :)

Also, again, and for totally irrational reasons, I like posting proof that we actually ride all of our motorcycles.  (We ride a lot more than I bother to blog about it:)

20160426_161118I’ve learned that if I’m on the Monster, I really prefer Kevin to ride his 900SS (the bikes in the pics above). Different styles of motorcycles lend themselves to varying preferences in riding pace, style, time between breaks, road type, and desirability of off-pavement roads. When Kevin and I are on similar styles of bikes, all of those preference align very well, and we make good moto riding buddies. When I’m on the monster and he’s on the multi, I’m usually pretty uncomfortable by the time he wants a break, and I spend a lot more time bouncing down gravel roads on a sportbike with stiff suspension and street tires:) This is why it is totally rational for us to have six motorcycles, 3 each, with his and hers matching pairs:)

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