I hate Microsoft and Windows 10, Part 2

At the end of last year, I bought a new laptop.  It came with windows 10. I tried to work with it as a Win 10 machine, but had nothing but problems. After many hours (days) of my time, I eventually gave up and returned the laptop (I couldn’t easily put Windows 7 on that hardware).

Since my previous machine was a desktop, and I increasingly need the portability of a laptop, I tried again last month. I bought a laptop that came with Windows 8 this time. I immediately got rid of that nonsense, and installed the last “good” operating system microsoft made, which is windows 7. Again, after many hours of my time installing the applications I need and setting it up for my purposes, I had what I thought was a stable machine. Windows 7 worked great, and I could move on with my life using my machine to do useful things, instead of spending my time fussing with the machine itself.

Then, about 3 days ago, windows decided to upgrade my computer to windows 10 without my permission. I left my computer to go run an errand, and when I came back, the welcome screen said “welcome to windows 10.”

F@!* you microsoft.

Not having control or choice in upgrading my own OS is totally unacceptable. Now, once again, I have a buggy and unstable machine. (My desktop icons keep re-shuffling again, and I’m having display problems. Other things are broken as well due to the forced upgrade, and there is lots of generally buggy behavior.) At least all of my essential applications seem to work this time. Now I have to choose between dealing with Windows 10, or trying to roll back to windows 7, which may or may not work properly. (I am really apprehensive about trying to roll back). I have work to do. Ain’t nobody got time for this. (<– here, let me google that reference for you).

I would move to a linux system in 2 seconds flat (despite the learning curve) if all of my applications were compatible. They are not.

Public service announcement: after this unapproved “upgrade,” to my machine, Kevin learned there is a utility called “Never 10” that will prevent windows from “upgrading” your OS. He’s been busy installing it on various machines, including his. Too late for me. Read the Never 10 link for a great explanation of why so many people do not want to upgrade to Windows 10, including “Microsoft’s evolution of their Windows operating system platform into a service which, among other things, aggressively monitors and reports on its users activities.” (That is amazingly not ok).

In sum, Windows is horrible, and continues to waste my time.  If you even mention anything to me about Apple products or OS X I will hit you.

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