House 2.0 – siding, showers

House construction slowed down the last three weeks as the framing and other contractors finished up, and the next set of contractors lined up and added our house to their schedules. Construction picked up again this week, as the siding contractors got started, and the shower materials arrived and started installation as well.

(Remember, click or tap on a photo to see them larger, then use the arrows on the right and left to scroll through the gallery of photos).

The yellow material is a type of house wrap called Home Slicker that goes underneath the Hardie board (James Hardie brand fiber cement board) siding, and is used for moisture management. Our house is using a mix of horizontal plank siding, and a vertical board and batten style. The Hardie siding came primed for paint, and eventually I will actually have to make a decision on what color to paint it.

So, siding installation is under way. The crew was even there this Saturday. Regarding showers, this is a 2.5 bath house; I expect both showers will finish being installed soon. Kevin met with the HVAC contractor this week, and he is supposed to start next week. Nice to see some progress again after a couple of weeks of very little happening. I thought I was impatient before, but the further along we get, the more I’m ready to be finished and move in. We still have a long way to go!

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