House 2.0 – siding, HVAC

House construction moved along a bit this week: the siding installation continued, and HVAC installation began. The showers are also as complete as they can get until fixtures and final finishes are installed in the bathrooms.

We’ve been pleased with the progress and quality of work on the siding. It makes such a large visual difference, the house is really starting to look finished on the outside.

HVAC for the house consists of ducted mini-split heat pumps. We originally wanted to use the duct-less type mini-splits, as they are more efficient, but the design and heating/cooling loads didn’t allow for it. The ducted type are still very efficient, and with how tight and well insulated the house is, we are expecting very low space conditioning costs.  The ducted type also have the problem of requiring space to run the ducts, which is more difficult in a timber frame vs conventional construction. I seem to be losing closet space daily as space is taken up by the heating and cooling ducts.

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3 Responses to House 2.0 – siding, HVAC

  1. Beth says:

    Looks amazing! Start getting the guest room ready for me and my crew… 😀

    • amytracker says:

      Any time, come on down, we’ll actually have space, with an actual guest bedroom!:) (Probably should wait until its done though….we’re hoping to move in this year:)

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