House 2.0 – siding, HVAC, back framing, electrical, doors, roof!

Updates in house construction for the past two weeks:

Last week-

  • Siding – FYI, since there seems to be some confusion on this, the siding is NOT painted yet. What you see is just primer color. It still needs paint, and I still need to decide on colors (or rather, have someone else pick for me since I’m terrible at that). (Also, Hardie siding doesn’t actually need to be painted, it just looks nicer.)
  • The siding is just about completed. They ran out of the homelslicker (yellow moisture management layer that goes under the siding), but that crew should have all the materials they need to finish this week.
  • HVAC – this contractor has clearly been busy elsewhere, as they only seem to show up on site about once a week for the last two weeks. (So, they’ve only been on site maybe 2-3 days total since starting our house). They made really nice progress last week (the work they’ve done thus far seems fine); they’ll need to finish soon however, otherwise they’ll hold up the electrical contractor.
  • The framing crew was on site a day or two for “back framing,” I wasn’t familiar with this term, but basically, the framers come back after plumbing and HVAC are done to prepare for drywall.
  • An insulation contractor stopped by the house and is now lined up to insulate the non-SIPS/conventionally framed parts of the house (over the dining room, mudroom, and garage).
  • The woodstove/hearth/fireplace/etc. contractor also stopped by to prepare for installing the woodstove. The framing crew framed the hearth this week.
  • ELECTRICAL WALK-THROUGH – This gets caps because its how we spent most of the day last Thursday. We went through the entire house with the GC and electrical contractor discussing all the 120 VAC wiring and low voltage wiring. Basically, we decided where all of the hard wired lights, switches, and outlets will be (both inside and outside). We also discussed all the low voltage wiring: CAT5e, security, sound, smoke and CO detectors, etc. We made decisions like whether or not we want wiring for a doorbell (yes), or to run coax or phone lines (what? no, of course not).

This week –

  • Siding is finished!
  • Exterior doors – The front door is installed, and one of the garage walk doors
  • Metal Roof Installation – the roofers are about half done. We’ve had some thunderstorms with hard rain this week, and without the metal roof on, it turns out the roof does leak a bit. Looking forward to not having standing water in the house.
  • Electrical – the electricians were able start this week, even if they were only on site a short time – we have some can lights and a few outlet boxes. Looking forward to reaching the rough-in electrical milestone.
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2 Responses to House 2.0 – siding, HVAC, back framing, electrical, doors, roof!

  1. Mom says:

    Love the front door!

  2. Katrina says:

    Looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to see it next weekend on our visit!! XOXOXO

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