Moto Day Ride – Reed Creek Mill

Of course its a hydropower site visit, made even better because we took the bikes. On a hot summer day, we look forward to riding at higher elevations. Twisty roads in slightly cooler air in the mountains make for a great day.

I bought a top box/trunk for my TR. It looks super dorky, but is really useful. I even carried home leftovers from dinner out last night. I’ve never had one before, holding off out of principle. Top boxes look ridiculous, and my idealistic aspiration is the biker as minimalist who doesn’t need to have so much stuff. Except that both of us are well beyond any chance of looking cool, and I seem to use the top box on Kevin’s bike all the time. He wouldn’t have bought a top box either, except he bought the Multi used, and it came with one. In the years since, he’s been lured by its convenience, and has now drawn me in as well. I just finally gave in and got one for myself. Putting weight up high like that negatively affects handling, but as long as I keep the weight light while riding, its going to be nice to have a place to lock up my stuff. Yesterday was my first ride with it, and I’m glad I hardly noticed it back there.

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2 Responses to Moto Day Ride – Reed Creek Mill

  1. My last bike was a 2008 FJR and I put a top box on it. Loved it, it was so practical and handy. I miss it …

    • amytracker says:

      I know. It IS so practical and handy. I finally gave in. But motos aren’t about practical. I don’t like the slippery slope. What’s next, a scooter?? (I kinda like scooters). A sidehack? (Ok, I also kinda like those too). May as well get a car! :)

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