House 2.0 – drywall finishing, grading, trenching (well, power, comms), flooring

Updates in house construction –

Drywall finishing was completed faster than I thought it would take. They did a really nice job too:

Some finish grading around the house to drain the water better, and to prepare for the driveway, landscaping, and a bit of lawn:

Kevin has been putting a bunch of time into what we’re calling the trenching project. Our house is located quite a bit back from the road, so bringing in services is more of a challenge than if we were closer. (Although the electric utility brought in power for free, which we were not expecting. We just barely came in under their cost limit for installing new service). For water supply, we’re using an existing well on the property, which naturally is located no where near the house. We have to trench some distance to pipe in water. We’re also planning for a future ground mount solar array that’s not next to the house, as well as a powered vehicle gate up by the road.  So, Kevin spent some design time to figure out how to run water, power, and comms (fiber and ethernet) between all the various locations to make it all work, and spent a lot of time on site during installation. We bought a LOT of conduit:

Lastly, our wood flooring was delivered, and installation started this week!



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