House 2.0 – Exterior paint, kitchen cabinets, railing, hearth

House construction is moving along nicely:

  • Exterior painting finally happened. The crew did not mess around, and was done in 2-3 days. We’re both very happy with the results.
  • The kitchen cabinets are installed! I am absolutely delighted, the cabinets are very, very nice. They were custom made by a local cabinet shop, which was something I was surprised to learn would fit in my budget.
  • Trim carpentry continues, and is nearly complete. We now have stair railings.
  • The hearth for the wood stove is in


Fyi, the camera plays tricks with colors. On my monitor, the house looks more green in the above photo than I think it does in real life.

On exterior paint: It took me forever to decide on exterior colors. This house construction project has taught me that I do well with certain kinds of decision making, but sometimes not so well with others. Functional choices are mostly pretty easy; they tend to be very rational. Usually some numbers (some sort of cost/performance trade-off) tell you what to do. Aesthetic choices like paint colors are another story. I just could not decide what I wanted. My engineer brain wishes someone talented at design could just pick all those things for me. Reality dictates that I have some involvement if I’m going to like the end result.

Anyway, in the 11th hour, I found the following inspiration picture. I had it stuck in my head that I did not want a dark color for the siding. I didn’t think it would look good with the black roof. Then I found this picture, and loved the color. Miraculously, Kevin also liked the color, which made for the first time we were both happy with a color choice. Sold!

2016_10_25_ext-inspiration1However, although it looks good in the above photo, I still didn’t like the stark white trim for our house. In the 11th and 1/2 hour, while searching for something else, I happened upon the following photo with dark siding and khaki trim that really won me over.

2016_10_25_ext-inspiration2Instead of saying; “that combination will be fine,” this was the first time I said ” I really like that.”

The final sample board in of a far too long line of sample boards – siding color on left, trim color second down on right:

2016_10_25_140047sAnd here is the comparison of the sample board to the color that ended up on the house:

2016-11-04_dsc09215sThe house color did not come out the same as my sample board. I think the reason is this: my contractor specifies Sherwin Williams paint, but I had more luck finding colors I liked from Benjamin Moore. No problem, all of the paint manufacturers can make the other manufacturer’s colors. Except I think when you do that, the color doesn’t necessarily come out as an exact match. Fortunately, in this case its pretty close, and I think I like the resulting color better anyway. (I am certainly not going to make them re-do it).

Picking exterior paint colors took far more time and effort than I anticipated. After nearly settling so many times on something that would be “fine,”, I’m glad I stuck with it and ended up with something I really like.

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2 Responses to House 2.0 – Exterior paint, kitchen cabinets, railing, hearth

  1. William Gamett says:

    Awesome great color Uncle Bill

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