House 2.0 – Interior staining and painting, garage doors

For those who are asking about updates: I haven’t updated on the house because there hasn’t been much to share. Progress has been very slow. We figure no one was at the house at all for five out of the last eight weeks or so. However, starting last week, several subs were on site working, and its exciting to see progress resume.

Here is the house as of this weekend:

  • The garage doors are installed (still need to be painted).
  • The interior painters have started. I don’t envy their job: they had to clean and sand the entire frame and ceiling by hand, and then apply a finishing oil to the frame (I think this was sprayed on).
  • This week, the painters are working on staining the interior trim and doors: baseboards, window trim, door trim, and all of the interior doors.
  • Some of the interior walls are primed for paint

Needless to say at this point, we will not be in by the end of the year (and that’s ok). Right now, two of my bath vanity cabinets are delayed (a bit my fault), which will delay fabricating the vanity counter tops, which will delay installing the plumbing fixtures. I think that is the limiting factor. Perhaps we will be in by the end of January, which will be exactly 12 months (which is what we were told to expect), although I won’t be surprised if we don’t move until February. Regardless, we’re getting close!

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One Response to House 2.0 – Interior staining and painting, garage doors

  1. Mom says:

    Woodwork is beautiful!

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