Happy New Year 2017! (and House 2.0 update)

Happy New Year!

Obviously, our new house is not complete by the start of 2017. (Its ok, I promise). The latest estimate is that we’ll be able to get the CO in mid-February. After that, there will be many punch-list items/final details to tie up before we’ll want to move, so we’re not expecting to move for at least two months at this point.

2016-12-16_dsc09474sHowever, construction is moving along, and for that I am grateful.

  • The interior painting and staining is complete, which was a very large project. I’m very happy with the work they did, it looks great.
  • Once the few remaining lighting items have arrived, we’ll be ready for the electricians to come back to install outlets, switches, and lighting fixtures. Things I have to make decisions about this week that I’ve never thought about before include trim rings for recessed can lights.
  • We have heat! Sort of. One of the two mini-splits works great, the other has some sort of issue that needs to be resolved. The good news is that the single one-ton unit has been able to keep the house warm with temps down into the 30s, so that’s nice.
  • Gutters were installed earlier this week. Those are one of those functional things that’s not very exciting, except for the reason they were brought to our attention. Our site is often windy, and the installers apparently didn’t use enough straps to anchor the downspouts to the house. They stay in place just fine (I know where you thought this was going), but they vibrate like crazy in the wind. The downspouts are a giant Aeolian Harp (ready for your daily physics lesson?), which would be cool if it weren’t on the side of our house. Its surprisingly loud. So yeah, vibrating downspouts are a thing that needs to be fixed.
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