House 2.0 – wood stove, bath cabs, electrical in progress

Progress on the house continues slowly along:

  • The wood stove was installed this week. I’m really looking forward to trying that out.
  • My much delayed bathroom cabinets were completed and installed. They were made by the same local cabinet guy that made my kitchen cabinets, and they look great. The delay was mostly my fault, as I decided to have those cabinets made at the last minute, instead of just buying something off the shelf. I’ve learned that you can have cabinets built locally for much higher quality and better cost than from most stores, which has been a fun discovery. I have dates scheduled in the upcoming couple of weeks to measure and install the counter tops. So, it will still be 2-3 weeks before the plumbers can start.
  • Finish electrical work is in progress – interior and exterior light fixtures, outlets, and switches. The electricians put in about a day and half this week; they installed all of the can lights, a few fixtures, and started on the switches and outlets. They seem to do nice work, I just wish they would stay on our job site and finish instead of leaving to go to other jobs.
  • The HVAC guys are still at it, and seem to come by a little bit every week. My range hood exhaust duct is now plumbed to the outside (This proved somewhat tricky due to my range location).
  • The “barn” style door to the office was installed earlier in January. It still needs to be stained and finished. Barn doors are pretty trendy right now and becoming cliche, but I don’t care. Its fun, I like it, and where its located is a pretty reasonable place for a sliding door:)
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