House 2.0 – electrical fixtures, bath vanities, plumbing fixtures, hardware, screen porch, end is in sight

The end of construction is finally in sight for House 2.0. The list of items required to get the CO is getting pretty short. Once the wood floors are finished (sanded and poly), I can have the appliances delivered and installed. Then the plumbers and electricians can come back to finish a few items and install the dishwasher. The HVAC system is still missing a couple of vent covers. But that’s it. Once those items are done, we’ll be able to call for inspection. The floor finisher should be able to start next week or the following, and then we’ll have to stay out of the house for almost two weeks. So, best case is the CO is still a month out.

The house has been slowly moving along. I’m struggling mightily to maintain patience with the contractor games at this point. They swear they’ll be done in the next (insert time frame here) amount of time, and then proceed to work 1 or 2 days that week (or 1/2  a day), and then not come back and finish. Our GC has cracked the whip this week however, so the electricians, HVAC, hardware, and plumbers have all been on site recently. Landscaping plans are also in the works.

The bath vanity counters were installed a couple of weeks ago. Most of the lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures are in. (See the pics below, I may have had some fun with some of the lighting fixtures. We live on a timber farm, so pine trees are thematic:)  We now have door handles, door stops, cabinets pulls and knobs, mirrors and medicine cabinets, and the screen porch now has a screen.

Getting close!

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4 Responses to House 2.0 – electrical fixtures, bath vanities, plumbing fixtures, hardware, screen porch, end is in sight

  1. Mom says:

    Love the bathroom vanities!

  2. William Gamett says:


  3. Courtney says:

    Your house is gorgeous! We are finally pouring our slab Monday and I found your blog through GW. It’s very helpful. I really love your vanities. Did you have someone make them or buy them as one piece?

    • amytracker says:

      Hi fellow GWer! *waves*. Thanks! All of my cabinets were made by a local cabinet maker. I’m still sort of surprised at how affordable it was; I got exactly what I wanted, and better quality, for the same price I would have paid to buy something from a store. Its definitely worth the time to shop around, and get quotes from local custom cabinet makers.

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