House 2.0 – wood floor finish, appliances, driveway grading

Here is a little update on House 2.0:

The wood floors were finished a couple of weeks ago. They look great, although the process was not without some minor damage to existing trim work, posts, and kitchen cabinets:

The wood floors are 5-in white oak, and we intentionally chose a lower grade at #2. I’ve been surprised at how the flooring contractor, floor finisher, and others have commented on the floors; they seem really worried about the color variation and knots. I keep having to tell them we like that, and did it on purpose. I guess the trend is to try and have “perfect” looking wood floors? What’s the point in that? Its wood, not a synthetic material. We specifically wanted a more “rustic” look, and are pretty happy with the result. The floors are not stained, just sanded and finished with an oil based poly.

As of this week, the appliances are delivered, and installed. Except for the dishwasher, which is sitting forlornly in its packaging in the middle of the kitchen floor:

Grading – Our home site sits on  a slope, so there was some grading work to do to make the water shed properly, and have the driveway make sense. We also had to run a few of the downspout drains underground. I really like the grading contractor, those guys are excellent at what they do. They really took their time with the laser surveyors level like they actually cared about making it right:

Other milestones: Both the unsightly construction dumpster and the construction power pole are gone.

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5 Responses to House 2.0 – wood floor finish, appliances, driveway grading

  1. William Gamett says:

    Thanks for the up date

  2. Ruth says:

    It’s looking great and I’m sooooo excited for you that the choice selection is behind you (and that you are pleased with your choices). I’m looking forward to the day you announce you are residents of your ‘castle’ and then await an invitation and an opportunity to rejoice with you…..maybe next month?

  3. akrrknee says:

    Beautiful! Great progress. Love the kitchen colors.


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