Hi, I’m Amy, and I have a growing obsession with motorcycle overland travel. Every trip I take fuels my desire to travel farther and longer. Home is in North Carolina with my husband Kevin, who is also my favorite moto riding and travel partner.

This blog has evolved into a sporadically updated personal journal, and a way to document and share our (mostly moto related) adventures. We’ve come to appreciate having a record of our memories and some incredible experiences we don’t want to forget, that also lets us share with our family and friends, and people with similar interests. I’m not a professional writer or photographer (thank goodness, I’d be broke); there is no social media revenue.

In 2005, Kevin and I moved to NC, many states away from friends and family. I started a blog as a way to document and share pictures of the construction of our first house, which we built largely with our own two hands. (Mostly Kevin’s hands, honestly, I just “helped.”) Those posts were lost with the end of the original hosting site, but blogging turned out to be popular with friends and family. Kevin and I also discovered that we liked having a journal, pictures, and the occasional video of our adventures. I never kept a diary as a child, so its been delightful to discover how this blog has enabled us to better remember and re-visit those highlights, and to recall small vignettes of our past we would have otherwise forgotten all about. The blog format seems to work better for this than any of the social media sites (especially since there are people we’d like to share with that don’t have Facebook accounts).

If you don’t know either of us, there probably isn’t much here for you (unless you like the ride reports, of course), but feel free to look around anyway (its on the internet, I can’t stop you:) If you do know us, you know how great we think it is that you care to know what we’re up to.

So enjoy!

Your intrepid authors, with our dog, Cody “The Bear,” hiking at Pilot Mountain in Oct. 2010