House 2.0 – Certificate of Occupancy

Just over a week ago, on Friday, March 31, 2017, we received the certificate of occupancy for our new house. (*lets out a huge sigh of relief*). This last week, the painters showed up for the final touch up, and to finish a few remaining items.

After years of planning and about 14 months of construction, House v2.0 is ready to move in!

Rather anti-climatically, the to-do list doesn’t seem to care about the much sought after government permit, and seems unaware that the CO is some sort of finish line. The hard-scaping (retaining walls and concrete driveway) still haven’t been started, which is making access to the house (and thus moving in) problematic. The project of getting internet properly connected is a seemingly never ending time suck. The loft ladder still needs handrails. I haven’t selected a backsplash tile for the kitchen. There are a few punch list items that need to be addressed. And so on (you’d be terribly bored if I listed everything). HOWEVER, we can move in any time! And so we will. Moving day is coming soon! Hurray!


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2 Responses to House 2.0 – Certificate of Occupancy

  1. William Gamett says:

    Congrats — very nice, enjoy

  2. Deb Pettey says:

    Congratulations!!! The CO is a HUGE deal. I hope you both are feeling well and ready to make that big move!

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